Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Hello all you naturalistas.

Im sure that we can all agree on this one.  in the beginning of my natural hair journey (or should i say, when i started caring for my hair.  i have been natural for about 5 years but still straightened my hair regulary which caused extensive heat damage) i spent countless hours on the net, in my search for the perfect hair products.  and believe you me i have tried ALOT.  Ive spent thousand of rands on products, products that to date are collecting dust and havent been touched in months.
My now staple hair products are my essential oils listed in my previous blog and water.  I have not shampooed my hair in two months now and just co-wash with Tresseme cleansing conditioner and my kinks couldnt be more happier.  In the evenings i shower without a shower cap and let the steam hydrate my hair and  i co-wash every morning.
So if you are newly embracing your natural kinks, take it from me........dont bother damaging your bank account with all those so called natural products on the market, just essential oils and water will do.  YOUR HAIR WILL THANK YOU FOR IT

Till next time.....LOVE THY KINKS