Thursday, 10 July 2014


I think I’ve fallen in love . . . . . . .
with my satin bonnet.  We had a rough breakup but we reconciled we he came back a changed man with a no slip band that kept him on my head all night long.
But seriously, I purchase my Satin Bonnet from Clicks in Alberton City Gauteng.  I wrote off satin bonnets early in my journey because I grew weary of the little elastic band that would stretch out if you looked at it too hard and playing find the satin bonnet every single morning.
This bonnet is the truth.

Product Description
Stay on Satin prevents breakage and saves yours style better than ordinary satin.  Only Stay on Satin caps are made from our specially developed patent pending two sided soft satin material that is soft on the inside and satiny smooth on the outside.  The soft side provides some gentle grip to keep the cap in place during the night and the smooth side prevents friction against your pillow from causing breakage and messing up your style.”Stay on Satin caps never have any abrasive elastic or velcro and always fit right for a cool comfortable night’s sleep.  Stay on Satin caps also prevent your cotton pillow case from drying out your hair.”
The biggest pro for me is that this bonnet DOES NOT SLIP OFF!!!!! I’ve only been using it for a little while so I’ll have to see if that remains true over the course of time.  Also, I’m under the assumption that it comes in various sizes, which is great for naturals with some length.  I got the medium or large cap, I’m sorry I can’t remember, and all of my hair fits comfortably inside of the cap.
I haven’t been wearing the bonnet very long, but as of right now I haven’t been able to identify any cons of the product.
Would I use This Product Again?
Of course, I’ve used it every single night since I’ve had it.
How Would I Rate This Product?

100% curls, no doubt.

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